TESDA offers perks to ‘performing’ tech-voc schools

MANILA, Nov 1 (PNA) – The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has awarded P30-million worth of incentives to various “performing” technical and vocational schools and institutions nationwide with remarkable employment rate of their graduates.

TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva said that 20 schools, mostly affiliated with the Mindanao Technical Vocational Education and Training Association (MinTVET), were among the recipients of the agency’s incentive.

“We gave incentives to MinTVET because some of its schools are performing, meaning they are producing graduates with the highest number of employment rate,” he said.

Villanueva said the reward did not come with an exact tag for each school since the amount varied from one tech-voc school to another, depending on the need of the school.

“We are giving them funding. For example, each school will receive half a million (peso) incentive in the form of scholarships. These incentives are being given to a school which has been consistently producing graduates who immediately landed a job,” he said.

Villanueva called on tech-voc schools and institutions nationwide to perform well in order to be rewarded with such incentive as he reiterated the agency’s serious drive to produce more quality graduates.

“For now, we mainly ask nominations from the association of tech-voc schools and institutions; and we basically look at the high employment rate of their graduates,” he said.

Next year, however, Villanueva said, TESDA would come up with new guidelines and point system to measure the performance of tech-voc schools and institutions to avail of the incentives.

“We also consider the ways that these schools are able to ensure that their graduates will be employed like entering a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with certain private companies,” he said.

He said that TESDA gave incentives or supported some schools which had signed MOAs, for instance, with a mall which has high demand for security guards.

That way, Villanueva said graduates were assured of employment after their schooling.

“Ultimately, our goal here is to have scholars who are certainly skilled and qualified, and globally competitive; and of course, will be assured of employment so that after all their hard work studying they have a job to help them uplift their life,” said Villanueva.

“So this is a challenge to all tech-voc school owners that they could be given incentive if only they would make their operations not only at par but also make sure that the graduates they produce will be and are employed,” he said.

“This means that if they will be vigorous in their school’s performance, then we at TESDA have something for you. We at TESDA will surely acknowledge the efforts and we at TESDA will help you,” Villanueva said. (PNA)

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