Pursuing a career in cosmetology promises a bright future, says TESDA

22 Feb 2011

Barely three years since its inception, the Philippine International Cosmetologists Association (PICA) has already achieved a lot in terms of generating jobs for less-privileged Filipinos and providing them with good opportunities by training them in salon styling and barbering, jobs that are in-demand not only in the country but also abroad.
In a country where people frown on cosmetology as a career and perceive it as a field that will get you nowhere, PICA has proved them wrong.

After training with PICA, people have opened up their own salon businesses or either worked overseas but in the course of their chosen career, they have become successful.

PICA’s achievements in helping Filipinos rise above their poverty were not lost on Technical Education and Skills Development Authority ( TESDA) Director General Joel Villanueva.

Villanueva asserted that PICA’s commitment to the success of its members “through innovative education, legislative advocacy networking and building relationships,” has served as a big inspiration and motivated TESDA to seek an even brighter partnership with PICA to poor Filipinos looking out for opportunities through an alternative career, that is cosmetology, barbering and salon styling.

“The success stories of many PICA members including your President Fanny Serrano who started from scratch, battled the storm, surmounted all the difficulties and pursued successful careers astound us.  We at TESDA need your stories.  We need to share these to inspire other people, particularly to the bigger portion of the Filipinos who are poor and powerless,” Villanueva told esteemed guests at the opening ceremonies of Cosmetologie 2011, The Beauty, Wellness and Trends Expo at the SMX Convention Center yesterday.

In his speech, Villanueva extolled PICA’s importance as TESDA’s important partner “in the development of the best cosmetologists in the country.”

He also profusely thanked PICA for continuing to help TESDA “in propagating technical vocational education and training (TVET), promoting entrepreneurship and creating employment opportunities for the youth and the unemployed, particularly those in the rural areas.”

Villanueva particularly cited Cosmetologie’s Touch of Excellence skills competition, where the industry’s top skilled workers compete for prestige and cash prizes in the non-professional and professional categories.

The competitors for this year’s event will showcase their skills in the following competencies: men’s cut and color, ladies’ cut and color, red carpet look, bridal make-up, and fantasy make-up.

Villanueva is particularly excited because the competition will bring out the creativity of the participants and a proof that there is already a growing interest in the field of cosmetology for many young people, skilled workers and parents in TESDA’s TVET.

Skills competitions, also popularly called “skills Olympics,’ are promotional tools to raise the status of TVET and inspire the young people to take up careers as skilled workers and technicians, he explained.

Meanwhile, Villanueva expressed his appreciation for PICA for taking the lead in the organization of skills competitions through the Torch of Excellence.

“I hope that your organization will also assist TESDA in the training and preparation of competitors in these areas for regional and international skills competitions. A ‘skills show’ of the best young skilled workers in town leaves a lasting legacy of awareness on the value of skills training and careers in the skilled occupations,” he said.

Villanueva exhorted the members of PICA to share the good news about skills and jobs to families and friends and help “TESDA bring the message of hope to Filipino workers - the hope of getting a job fast and starting a career in the world of work and the hope for a better life for them and their families.”

Villanueva said he sees a more fruitful partnership between PICA and TESDA where both can work together on sectoral assessment and certification program to expand the reach of this TESDA service.

“PICA, together with other sector associations, can also work with TESDA in the training and development of competitors in beauty care and hairdressing to represent the Philippines in regional and international skills competitions," he said.”

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